Floors and Interiors

A wooden floor is everybody’s dream and we want it to be beautiful and, most of all, practical and useful. Those needs are met by the quality products available through our company - Graboparkiet. Both parquet and floor wood panelling are available under this name. These products are made of solid wood, quality processed, and once they have been laid, always constitute an elegant floor. This product may be glued to the solid base or laid on joists, and due to the state-of-the-art processing, renovated many times. This is the really significant advantage of choosing Graboparkiet, since it gives a floor with many years of use, retaining its beauty at the same time.
Graboparkiet is available in the following: white beech, steamed beech, oak, and maple. The diversity means that a customer only has to choose their favourite colour or match their previously purchased furniture. A floor made of Graboparkiet, when compared to other furniture and accessories, presents itself fabulously, emphasizing the character of the interior.
One trend in interior design that has remained constant for generations is naturally coloured flooring. Although coloured floors are gaining more and more popularity, it is the different shades of stained beech and oak that adds warmth and unique charm to our homes. The growing recognition of coloured floors stems from the reasonable price and the wide selection of a wood stain colours. It is significant that we prefer domestically available kinds of wood.

Graboparkiet is a high quality flooring, made of 100% solid wood, therefore it retains all its qualities, including: positive air ionization, interior microclimate regulation, no charge-up or dust attraction, as well as a good antiallergic value.
Developed in our s over the last decade, the technology used in wood drying and in processing soothes the natural working of wood that might be affected by changeable temperature and humidity in a room. The products retain their dimensions, and floors do not show gaps. Varnish or natural oil is all the finishing needed for our flooring. GRABO offers parquet, planks and wood panelling made of several domestically available kinds of wood, which, along with their quality, results in a different shades choice of patterns for the floor, giving our customers a great good selection.

GRABOPARKIET Classification:

Class I Natur – a natural look. On the surface of the floorboard, no flaws like false red heart (white) are tolerated. Knots are allowed only if healthy, rooted with a diameter of no more than 10 mm and single black, needle-like.


Class II Rustikal – A false red heart (white) is tolerated for a total of approx. 40% of the floorboard and knots as in class I Natur.

Class III Family - false red heart (white), dye penetration and stable knots are tolerated.


GRABO offers its Customers a comprehensive supply of floor finishing materials from international brands – a branch of Group UTZ (Uzin, Pallmann) and UGL (ZAR) – from undercoat, glue, wood stain, to varnish and natural oil.