Zakłady GRABO has a range of activities that are mainly based on manufacturing

but this also includes particular stages of processing wood from forestry operations to producing finished furniture plate, furniture, or floor panels in a natural form.

Nowadays GRABO has two factories: one in Niebocko and a second in Grabownica, employing over 245 employees.

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GRABO production is based on a natural and renewable material - wood. The material we use to manufacture our products comes from managed forests. Our production cycle does not affect the environment but conforms to the balanced development principle. We have FSC certification for chain-of-custody: Qualifor SGS-COC-0095.

Our offer also includes products of the highest quality – made of solid wood. All are always characterized by high quality, long-life and functionality.

Products of the highest quality

Our offer also includes products of the highest quality – made of solid wood. All are always characterized by high quality, long-life and functionality

Our prime focus on beech products, together with our involvement in forestry, production and manufacture at both factories, means we can create the highest quality products.


Historia Grabo

The concept of the company arose with the political transformation in Poland in 1989, with the company being established on 1st September 1991. The company started operations in the small town of Niebocko, as Zakład GRABO. The originator, founder and Executive Director is Waldemar Irzyk MSc (Eng). Initially the company worked from a leased building and employed only a handful of people. The basic kind of wood processed at that time was beech.

Initially the products from Zakład GRABO were not distinguishable from other sawmills making logs. The company delivered only semi-finished products of beech lumber and frieze.

Over a number of years, thanks to the owner’s well thought-out policy, Zakład GRABO gradually extended its offer to include new products. In 1995 we started production of wooden flooring (parquet, wood panelling and baseboards made of solid beech wood) and planed beech. The next step was made in 1999 when GRABO started making beech furniture plate. By this time the company had grown into a business employing almost 200 people.

On account of the purchase and opening of a new drying room system (the first drying rooms being opened in 1993) and the many years of expertise gained by the experienced staff, GRABO developed a unique technological process for seasoning to “white” of beech. This is GRABO’s specialty, and the brand has been renowned among customers of the wood industry for many years.

In 1995 the company purchased the leased property in Niebocko for its business purposes, improving the quality standards of the buildings along with the company’s image. The investment enhanced the company’s procedures, workflow, and sales as well. The company received CoC certification in 1998. The Chain of Custody (CoC) certificate allows us to mark certified products using special labelling and to communicate this to the international market using the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) trademark showing the origin of material as being from certified and appropriately managed forests.

Since 2002 the company has extended its activities beyond Niebocko by opening a branch in Grabownica, increasing its capacity and effectiveness. Zakład GRABO has continued to develop more new products, enhanced in 2006 with a new investment in the paint shop. At that time the company started to produce finished goods, including furniture and varnished components. The same year saw the introduction of new kinds of wood for manufacture: oak, maple and American nut. Nonetheless the strategy of Zakład GRABO has not changed and still is based on seasoned to “white” beech wood.


The company started


the first drying rooms being opened


we started production of wooden flooring


purchased the leased property in Niebocko


The company received CoC certification


started making beech furniture plate


opening a branch in Grabownica

Certificates and Awards

CERTYFIKAT FSC® (Chain-of-Custody) Qualifor

Standard in our country becomes a matter of controlled management of forest resources and more and more manufacturers draws attention to it . The determinant of consciousness and such activities in the timber industry is to have a chain of custody certificate FSC ®

Recognizing the problem immoderate and uncontrolled management of forests , and thus a negative impact on the environment, in the early nineties international NGOs established the Forest Stewardship Council ®, whose task was to prevent such practices and to promote responsible forest management . Placing the FSC ® logo on the product ensures chain of custody from the time of felling the tree until the sale of the finished product to the final Customer. GRABO Company, one of the first in Poland , received the FSC ® certified , and thus has the right marking its products internationally registered trademark of FSC ® .


Special care of the environment and forestry

including planting of new trees on the company’s land and the use of wood from known resources. We use a rational material management method in our production process.

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Production versus Ecology

We use a rational material management method in our production process. This means that we try to utilize as much wood as possible from each tree cut down. Our focus on the basic types of wood that occur in our region is a matter of great significance in this case.

Off-cuts are 100% used and one of its uses is as a local renewable energy resource (biomass), whose significance and role continues to increase. GRABO has always believed in development, and this coincides with our care for the environment. Investments involving the modernization of and machinery as well as the implementation of new technologies are innovative as regards the whole country and positively affect environmental protection issues.